Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Little Things

Hubby has a band that he loves. I wouldn't say they are his favorite, but they are probably his second or so. I, on the other hand, don't so much care for them. They are Metal, they are loud,  and I am pretty sure they worship the Debil..(a cookie if you got the Waterboy reference). All that aside, I let him talk me into going to see them in concert. He has been so excited for the past week about tonight. This particular band has somewhat of a mascot. He is a ghoulish looking, zombieish something guy that is featured on all of their album covers. His name is Eddie. He is a creep O.

The opening band was on stage and I noticed that they were only using front half of it, and they other half was filled with big, bulky items covered by tarps. I realized they were props for the main band. I was looking and noticed one rounded tarp looked sort of familiar. I leaned over to Hubby and pointed at it and said "I bet you that's Eddie."  My husband looked at me like I had just handed him a thousand dollars. I said what?? He said, I can't believe you knew that. I thought you didn't care about these guys at all.... Well, I don't. But, he does. Just paying a little bit of attention, I seemed to give him a little gift today.  He was touched that I cared enough to remember that freaky looking guy's name. It didn't take much. I didn't have to listen to hours of crappy music that is so loud that I can't even understand  what the heck they are saying (wow, how old am I??). Just paying the slightest attention is all it took to make a happy hubby for today. :)

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