Saturday, September 21, 2013

Step One in Achieving Serenity

Frank Costanza -  "SERENITY NOW!"

Hubby and I went on a weekend trip last week for our anniversary. He surprised by picking the best hotel ever. It was a like a B&B but we had our own bathrooms (a must!). Just a handful of rooms that each had a different theme, free snacks and drinks (wine!) all day long. It was simple and quiet. Everything was clean and cool. I didn't want to leave. It really felt like you were in someone's guest bedroom and not a hotel room. It was wonderful to just hang out with Hubby in a peaceful place.

Then we come home. I pretty much instantly started feeling down. I couldn't really figure out why. I mean, yes, it is great to just have one on one time with the spouse, knowing the kids were safe with grandparents, but there was something else. I finally figured out that my house is not peaceful. When I come home, I see chaos. There are toys here, papers there, stuff everywhere. I just can't seem to keep on top of it. I need a system. I need a home for everything so it's not just sitting somewhere.

SO. That is my goal. I will go room by room and make it peaceful. My first room is our bedroom. I really think it makes me the most crazy. It tends to be the catchall room. My dresser is typically littered with school papers and stuff that no one knows where to put  it. "Hey, let's just put it on Mom's dresser, SHE will deal with it." Also clothes. Clean clothes, but not put away clothes. It's just simple things that don't get done that would make a big difference. So I am starting there today. SERENITY NOW!!!

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