Friday, August 30, 2013

Nailed it! (No really, for realz.)

I'm not a crafty person. I like to think I am, and I start projects and then I remember, I'm not crafty. I have many things pinned on Pinterest that I would love to do. I have done a few of them and they have turned out ok, but they didn't really require much thought. Basically glue this to this and then you are done. YAY!  But then I saw this...

I HAAAVE to make this for Emilee's room

Cute right? I just love it. So so cute. So I thought, that shouldn't be too hard. You just melt crayons right? So I asked my dear friend Beth, who is in fact way crafty and I am uber jealous of her and her oh so pretty house with all the pretty things that she has made with her own two hands and.............
 Anyhoo..... I asked if she could get me the silhouettes for me, and of course she could and did. I bought some 11x14 canvasses and found that Crayola has packs of crayons that are all in the same color family!! SCORE!!!

I sat down at nap time with crayons taped to my canvas and my hair dryer. I need to mention here that I have ZERO patience..... which may be why I feel like I can't be crafty. I want it done. NOW. The blow dryer just wasn't working. I mean, I'm sure it would have eventually but again, no patience. What to do, what to do. Oh yes...Fire! I grabbed Hubby's grill lighter and went to town. It worked swimmingly, and after a blister and a burned fingernail, I was left with art, that I created for my little girl's room. I love it. I love it even more than the original picture. They just turned out so pretty. 


  1. I love it Jenny!! And now I know the whole!! In the crafty world, we use whatever works ;)

  2. Hi, Jen

    You art work is beautiful. I would buy it from the store. : ) I found your lovely blog on FB and had to pop over. I am a new follower too. Have a lovely weekend and if you can pop over to



  3. Thank you so much Vanessa! I have traffic! I love it. :)