Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Goodies

Here a couple of yummies I made for Easter plus the cupcakes. Which by the way got very mixed reviews. Anywhere from "tastes like gingerbread" to "tastes like dog food smells..." So, yeah?! I thought they were good, but I will tweak a few things next time I make them.....

This is The. Best. Cheesecake. I. Have. Ever. Had.......

No joke. It is just a plain cheesecake dyed orange instead of the orange flavored cake it called for (Yuck!). It didn't turn out as pretty as I hoped it would. I cut into it before it was completely set because I was in a hurry. Side note....Don't make cheesecake unless you allot yourself plenty of cooling/setting time. That is edible Easter grass. I had never seen it before, but it sure is cute. :)

These are my Rice Krispie Nests. My son saw these in a magazine and begged me to make them. They were easy and quick so I did. Happy Boy.

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