Saturday, April 27, 2013

In a Pinch (Cheater Chicken Parm)

We spent the majority of the day at church today. We got home close to dinner time with 2 extra kids in tow, bringing my total up to 5 kids to feed. Did I mention I haven't done a very good job of grocery shopping lately? Tired and lazy with no desire to run to the store. What do I feed all these yahoos? I had noodles and sauce. Perfect. Spaghetti it is. Then I realized I have no burger. I always have hamburger in the freezer, except when I really need it apparently. I would be fine with meatless spaghetti but the Hubby would not. Then I saw a bag of dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. Chicken Parmesan it is! The kids came to the kitchen and said "Spaghetti AND CHICKEN NUGGETS?!?!?!? AWWWEEESSOOMMMEE!!!" I think it works. :) 

I am not good at impromptu meals, but this one worked out really well.

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